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Michel Disdier: VIVA Las Vegas!

By 22 February 2018 Actus No Comments

The only French driver in NASCAR will make his comeback by competing in the Camping Truck World Series on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the 2nd March.



Patiently and persistently, Michel Disdier has been climbing the NASCAR ladder since 2007. Currently, he is the only Frenchman who has obtained a license to compete on all oval tracks in the USA and his goal for 2018 is to become a full-time racer in the NASCAR Championship.

“It has been my lifelong dream and main goal to race in NASCAR as a European driver and I hope that the hard work of the entire team will pay off on the Speedway. The journey has been so exciting and I feel that it has only just begun.”

“I have been waiting to get back on the track for two years,” the ambitious driver said.

His last result in February 2016 remains historical: after a contest full of twists and turns, the Frenchie behind the wheel of his Chevrolet Silverado had the 11th place finish and placed 10th in the US championship.

Fueling Michel’s American dream

Above all else, finding sponsors is what could make or break his dream of a full season in the NASCAR Championship.

“It’s not easy to convince local brands to follow us. It turns out that this sport isn’t as popular in Europe as it’s in the USA. However, NASCAR can actually bring a lot, as it’s the competition with the strongest ROI amongst all professional championships in the world of sports. Consequently, joining our wonderful adventure can be quite advantageous.”

His efforts seem to be paying off, as Michel did find partners. In fact, one new sponsorship has just been signed with Wildmoka, the leading live clipping, editing and publishing platform for broadcasters. It also happens to be one of the most discussed start-ups right now as it just closed a Series A funding of $8 million.
The existing partnership with WIZYOO, specialized in digital development, has been renewed.

NASC ”ART”: Richard Orlinski enters the race

Michel made sure that he would not only stand out from the crowd with a Tricolore jumpsuit, but also with the unique design of his car. Crafted by Richard Orlinski, one of the most influential contemporary French artists, Michel will be racing with the first ArtCar in NASCAR.

“I fell in love with Richard Orlinski’s artistic universe as soon as I discovered it. Then I thought he might accept to design my car and turn it into an ArtCar, in the line of Andy Warhol’ and Jeff Koons’. I am delighted of our wonderful collaboration and our car will undoubtedly be the most beautiful and original on the track!”.
Richard Orlinski Art works :    www.richardorlinski.fr

Crowdfunding campaign ! 
assionate and determined as ever about making his career across the Atlantic in NASCAR racing, Michel Disdier is taking his fundraising efforts to a new level by launching a crowd funding campaign.  By launching a crowd funding campaign, the French driver is counting on the online community to support his ambitious plan. You can be part of it, too!

Click on the KissKissBankBank logo ! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !  

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